Shiva Shakti Incense 20 Grams


Shiva Shakti Incense 20 Grams

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This incense is some of the finest available from India. Each stick is hand-rolled using natural and organic ingredients. Traditionally, incense has been used for millennia to create a special atmosphere, whether in the temple or in the home. Pleasant smells soothe the spirit, just as sweet music soothes the soul

Rose : The sweet uplifting scent of the rose has been captured beautifully in this fragrance. One of our most popular incense sticks.
Lavender: Relaxing and soothing – the name speaks for itself.
Govhardan: A popular sweet and woody fragrance
Maharaja: A sweet and comforting aroma with hints of vanilla, our Maharaja incense is the perfect choice for creating a warm and cosy atmosphere in the home.
Chandan: This is an excellent, high-quality rendition of the classic sandalwood aroma.
Madhu: This is a sugar-sweet, floral fragrance with rich, lingering tones that makes it a very popular choice.
Patchouli: A pleasant, sweet,earthy, and distinct aroma. An iconic fragrance.
Nataraj: Nataraj combines wood, orange, and a hint of coconut. A very popular, pleasant incense.

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Lavender, Govardhan, Maharaja, Pure Rose, Chandan, Patchouli, Madhu, Nataraj